Mobile wallet readers – enliven any consumer journey


Life is too short to fumble with QR codes… Be cool. Just tap and move on.


Why keep the line waiting for one guy who can’t find his QR code? Just let them tap and move on.


Pained by QR code fraud? Switch to tap, and move on.

Introducing VTAP mobile NFC pass readers

Explore the VTAP panorama of applications

Access control

Creating fast and secure access control solutions

Appointment check-in

Achieving smooth and efficient appointment check-in solutions

Cashless payment

Implementing fast and secure cashless payment solutions

Corporate ID

Issuing secure corporate ID credentials

Equipment check-in

Enabling quick and easy equipment check-in solutions

Health ID

Achieving fast and secure health ID solutions


Implementing fast and dynamic loyalty solutions

Membership ID

Enabling smooth and secure membership ID solutions


Evolving secure contactless ticketing solutions

Explore the VTAP family of versatile NFC wallet solutions

Boxed readers.

Super simple to configure and use

Embedded modules.

Super easy to integrate and deploy

VTAP Cloud.

Super powerful to manage and engage