VTAP embedded NFC readers.

VTAP Embedded NFC Readers

How VTAP NFC pass readers work

VTAP – pre-certified NFC reader modules for OEM integration

The VTAP embedded NFC readers range is designed for quick and easy integration into kiosks, vending machines, and point-of-sale terminals. Several pre-certified boards and interface options are available, offering flexibility and convenience for various applications, ensuring seamless compatibility with existing systems and enhancing user experience.

Choice of form-factors

Standard and super-compact PCB

Choice of connectivity

USB, RS-232 + TTL serial

Choice of antennas

Integrated, external + custom

The benefits of VTAP NFC pass readers

✔ Users need only the Apple Wallet or Google Wallet app to store NFC digital passes

✔ VTAP readers automatically select the right pass, read and decrypt it, and send pass data to the connected system

✔ Fully certified by Apple for VAS and ECP2, and by Google for Smart Tap

✔ Also compatible with MIFARE, DESFire, MIFARE 2GO, Host Card emulation and NFC Forum cards and tags

✔ Pre-tested and certified for many global RF standards including CE, FCC and ISED

The preeminent solution for reading digital NFC passes from Apple Wallet and Google Wallet. VTAP readers are deployed across thousands of facilities worldwide, including fitness centres, membership venues, sports and entertainment arenas, and retail and hospitality sites. They provide reliable and secure access control and transaction processing.

Quick deployment

Easy to retrofit to existing systems, and quick to integrate into new platforms – providing a smooth transition to an Apple and Google digital wallet pass experience.

VTAP readers have been designed specifically for mobile pass applications, but also read popular contactless NFC and RFID cards and tags – supporting mixed media environments and easing the migration away from legacy plastic cards.

Configurable to selectively extract and transfer pass data within existing system formats.

QR/barcode code scanner emulation.

Easy management

No SDK required for configuration and management. The file-based approach to VTAP reader configuration is platform independent and requires no drivers or dedicated software. Simply copy configuration, firmware, and private key files (in standard file formats) to the reader to update.

Operating parameter configuration can be done via either USB or serial host interface. Serial file transfers use the ZModem protocol, with active (send on tap) and passive (command/response) interface options.

The flexible and intuitive settings can be edited manually or programmatically, and real time commands can be sent. Settings include support for the use of multiple pass profiles and private keys, as well as tailored feedback to users via RGB LEDs and/or a buzzer.

Strong security

Designed with security in mind from the outset.

Protected merchant private keys. It is not possible to read back the keys used to decrypt pass data once they have been loaded, although they can be updated easily by reloading.

Reader firmware updates can use an encrypted update file. All configuration data can be password protected. Reset to factory defaults, if needed, clears all sensitive data.

MIFARE secure sector and DESFire secure file reading is also implemented to support migration from legacy systems.

Pre-certified OEM VTAP embedded NFC readers

VTAP50 Embedded Reader Board

Form factor / options

Super-compact NFC reader board
Integrated antenna (removable)
External tuned antenna option
External RGB and serial RGB LED options


Micro-USB socket
USB and RS-232 via 8-pin header connector
USB and TTL serial via FFC connector

Part numbers / downloads

Standard configuration: VTAP50-OEM
VTAP50 OEM technical datasheet

VTAP100 Embedded Reader Board

Form factor / options

Compact NFC reader board with removable mounts
Integrated antenna (with FCC modular approval)
External RGB LED option
Optional conformal coating


Micro-USB socket
USB and RS-232 also available via 8-pin header connector

Part numbers / downloads

Standard configuration: VTAP100-OEM
VTAP100 OEM technical datasheet