Do you know who is shopping today?

Your CRM tracks their digital journey. But their in-store journey is anonymous. It’s a tremendous data gap.


Identify your shoppers and optimize CRM journeys with digital tap points


Tap for daily deals at the entrance

Tap in cosmetics for brand promotions

Tap in hardware for DIY tips

Tap in electronics to win a 50% discount

Tap at checkout

Ubiquitous CRM engagement in-store

How it works


VTAP cloud architecture

Collect enhanced CRM data at in-store tap locations. For example, tap to win Premier Collection Lip Gloss.


VTAP non-payment readers upgrade the loyalty experience


Setup touch points anywhere in store.

✔ Deploy Apple Wallet & Google Wallet compatible readers anywhere that more accurate 1st party engagement data is needed, at Point of Sale, at front door, in any department, at customer service desk.

✔ Motivate consumers to tap with gamified offers.

Enhanced customer data & analytics.

✔ Capture every consumer visit.

✔ Automatic selection of NFC loyalty passes from Apple or Google wallets means registering consumer presence is effortless – with just a tap of a smart phone or watch.

✔ No searching for loyalty cards and no fumbling with magstripe or QR-code scanners.

Engagement boost.

✔ Mobile wallet digital cards become a new comms channel.

✔ Mobile wallet engagement cards offer push notifications to send personalized messages – including deal expiration reminders and incentives for in-store purchases.