VTAP Cloud platform.

How VTAP Cloud works

A central point of control for Cloud-connected NFC readers

VTAP Cloud connects Apple Wallet & Google Wallet NFC pass readers directly to Cloud-based loyalty, ticketing, fitness, couponing, and CRM systems. Operations and marketing teams can enable exciting new CRM journeys that were never before possible.

Quick deployment

Connect, configure and manage cloud-connected VTAP readers in minutes.

Locate anywhere

No physical connection needed between NFC readers and core systems.

Easy integration

Send tap data directly into your back-end systems, and send relevant results directly to the consumer.

Applications and benefits of the VTAP Cloud Platform

✔ Retail marketers boost loyalty engagement by enabling “tap to win” touch points anywhere in store

✔ Stadium marketers boost fan engagement through “tap to win” branded team gear, photos with players, and VIP room access

✔ Amusement parks drive visitors to clear overstocked items in real time, anywhere in the park

✔ Fitness operators streamline and control class check-in with cloud connected readers located at each classroom

The only cloud management platform for remotely connected Apple Wallet & Google Wallet NFC readers. VTAP Cloud is driving innovation in any consumer facing sector that wants to catalyze untapped value from their physical facilities and loyalty investment.

VTAP Cloud architecture

VTAP Cloud demos