RFID cards in phone wallets.

RFID cards in Apple Wallet

RFID card on iPhone

NFC passes for Apple Wallet can replace physical RFID cards across an endless array of applications. NFC enabled wallet passes on iPhone deliver real improvements over using standard RFID cards:

✔ Fast and convenient. Apple VAS certified wallet readers will auto-detect relevant NFC passes in an instant – no more searching for RFID cards, just tap your iPhone or Apple Watch on the reader.

✔ Secure. iPhone and Apple Watch encrypt all pass data exchanged over NFC with a matching reader.

Additionally, as with other Apple Wallet services, users can block a lost or stolen device via ‘Find My iPhone’. By contrast, standard RFID cards are notoriously easy to copy and clone, or replicate – while there are often long delays in revoking access for a lost RFID card.

✔ Economical, efficient and more environmentally-friendly. Using Apple Wallet passes reduces the cost, administration and impact of producing, issuing and managing large numbers of plastic RFID cards.

✔ Communication to users. Push notifications can keep users informed and updated via their iPhone.

RFID cards are widely used for door access control, club membership, and many other contactless ID applications. Apple has defined templates for common types of wallet pass, including: boarding passes, event tickets, store cards and coupons. Always mindful of ensuring the highest levels of customer experience, Apple will check and approve each application to issue NFC passes.

In addition to general-use Wallet passes, Apple also has dedicated options for storing digital keys (for car, home and hotel) in Apple Wallet as well as student ID and mobile driving licences.

RFID cards in Google Wallet

Google Wallet’s Smart Tap NFC passes can also be used to replace physical RFID cards. Using NFC wallet passes on an Android phone offers equivalent advantages over common RFID cards:

✔ Fast and convenient. Smart Tap certified wallet readers auto-detect relevant passes – avoiding delays searching for RFID cards.
✔ Secure. NFC data sharing is encrypted using private keys stored within Android devices. Users can remotely halt the Google Wallet service on a lost phone via Google’s ‘Find My Device’ service.
✔ Economical, efficient and more environmentally-friendly. Not having to produce, issue and manage large numbers of plastic RFID cards reduces costs, administration and environmental impacts.
✔ Communication to users. Mobile push notifications can keep users updated.
Google have defined templates for common types of wallet pass, including event tickets, loyalty cards, offers and travel passes – making it easier for RFID card applications to be migrated to NFC wallet passes.

Apple & Google Wallet readers and RFID cards

VTAP wallet pass readers are certified for both Apple VAS and Google Smart Tap passes – configurable to automatically detect and read a merchant’s own encrypted passes. Additionally, VTAP readers are able to read RFID cards in popular formats, to support migrations from RFID cards to NFC passes and long-term mixed-media environments.

For demonstration and development purposes, we can provide NFC passes that will work with our VTAP readers out-of-the-box.

If you need advice on pass issuance options for production use – contact us.