NFC Passes for iPhone.

How to issue Apple iPhone NFC passes?

NFC pass iPhone

There is no practical limit on the number of NFC passes or tickets that a user can have on their iPhone or Apple Watch.

NFC passes and tickets can be issued to users through multiple channels, and added to the standard Apple Wallet app. Distribution options include email, SMS, web, social media, or in-app links.

Add NFC pass to iPhone

The quickest and simplest route for organisations wanting to provide people with NFC passes (for iPhone, Apple Watch or Android phone) is to use a Pass Provider.

Pass Providers offer a range of services covering both Apple & Google devices, from complete solutions with no coding required, to developer customisable platforms:

✔ Personalised passes can be designed and branded.
✔ Passes can be issued to customers through multiple channels, with automatic selection of Google or Apple passes as appropriate.
✔ Customers can be sent push notifications to their iPhone, and even messages based on their specific location.
✔ Provide pass usage metrics and dashboards.

Alternatively, with a sufficiently skilled development team, NFC Wallet Passes can be generated and managed directly.

To issue any passes for Apple Wallet you will need to start by applying at to request demonstration NFC pass issuing. To issue passes for Google Wallet you will need to begin by creating a Google Pay Business Console account at to access the Google Pay API. Do contact us if you need any help.

Demo iPhone NFC passes for VTAP readers

VTAP NFC wallet pass readers are fully certified by both Apple and Google.

For demonstration and development purposes, we can provide NFC passes that will work with our VTAP readers out-of-the-box.

If you need advice on pass issuance options for production use – contact us.